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School Immunizations in 7th Grade by Academic Year

This dataset contains immunization status of 7th grade students in California in schools with 10 or more 7th grade students enrolled. Smaller schools were excluded to help protect privacy. Students in 7th Grade were considered to have up-to-date immunizations if they had completed the Tdap immunization requirement to receive one dose of any immunization (Tdap, DTaP or DTP) that protects against pertussis on or after their 7th birthday. The California Health and Safety Code Section 120325-75 requires students to provide proof of immunization for school and child care entry. Additionally, California Health and Safety Code Section 120375 and California Code of Regulation Section 6075 require all schools and child care facilities to assess and report annually the immunization status of their enrollees.

Under Assembly Bill 354 (2010), California Health and Safety Code Section 120335 required students in 7th grade to provide documentation of either having received a booster immunization against pertussis or an exemption to immunization. This data set summarizes the assessment of the 7th grade pertussis immunization (Tdap) requirement based on reporting from California schools and presents results from the 2014-2015 7th grade assessment and immunization coverage in schools by county. To review individual school coverage and exemption rates in a separate lookup format, go to the School Lookup page at the Immunization Branch's Shots for School website:

See the attached file 'Notes on Methods' for data suppression in 2016-2017.

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