Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Surveillance


In 1992, Congress enacted the Fertility Clinic Success Rate and Certification Act (FCSRCA). The act requires CDC to collect data from clinics and submit an annual report to Congress on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) success rates. In 1996, CDC initiated the ART Surveillance System to collect cycle specific and clinic specific data from all medical clinics practicing ART in the United States and its territories. The data collected include patient's diagnosis, type of ART, clinical information pertaining to the ART procedure, and information on pregnancy outcomes.

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Agency and Program Information

Agency: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Agency Program URL: http:/­/­­art
Keywords: infertility, reproductive health
Subject: Quality Measurement
Date Released: Dec 30, 1997
Date Updated: Apr 12, 2011

Data Collection and Frequency

Collection Frequency: Annually
Coverage Period Start: Jan 1, 1995Converted from “1995”.
Coverage Period End: Dec 31, 2008Converted from “2008”.
Unit of Analysis: In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Cycles
Geographic Scope: United States (USA) and Territories
Geographic Granularity: State

Data Documentation

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